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Weed Control & Fertilization 

Weeds are pesky nuisances that can plague lawns any time of the year. With the help of Lacey Lawn & Construction, LLC, you can say goodbye to weeds and dull grass! We offer specialized weed control and fertilization services to help you maintain a lush and healthy lawn. We support a combination of preventive measures and targeted strategies to achieve a weed-free and well-nourished landscape. Through our high-quality and specialized applications, we rid your lawns of weeds and restore your grass to its lustrous, natural state. 

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Why Choose Us? 

When you hire us for professional lawn care services for weed control and fertilization, you choose a company that brings expertise and experience, ensuring a targeted and practical approach to weed management. We can accurately identify different weed types and select appropriate herbicides, minimizing the risk of damage to desirable plants. Additionally, we save homeowners valuable time and effort. With busy schedules, it can be challenging for individuals to consistently implement the necessary practices for effective weed control and fertilization; that’s why at Lacey Lawn & Construction, we provide reliable and regular maintenance schedules, ensuring that treatments are applied at optimal times for maximum effectiveness.


Pre-emergent weed control applications are crucial in maintaining a weed-free and healthy lawn or garden. One of the primary benefits of pre-emergent weed control is its proactive nature, addressing weed issues before they become visible. This method is particularly effective for annual weeds, as it hinders their germination process, reducing the need for post-emergent treatments.


The spring fertilizer application is a key practice in promoting a vibrant and flourishing lawn or garden. As the growing season commences, plants exhibit increased metabolic activity and nutrient demands. A carefully timed application of fertilizer during the spring provides essential nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, supporting robust plant growth, lush foliage, and vibrant blooms.


The spring pre-emergent application is vital to proactive weed management for a healthy and weed-free lawn or garden. This practice involves applying herbicides before weed seeds germinate, forming a barrier that inhibits their growth. Spring is an optimal time for this application, targeting the early stages of weed development and preventing their establishment before they become visible.


Early summer marks a critical period for maintaining the health and aesthetics of your lawn or garden, and well-timed fertilization combined with spot treatment for weeds can make a significant impact. During this season, plants often experience increased growth and nutrient demands. Applying fertilizer in early summer provides essential nutrients, supporting robust development and helping plants withstand the stresses of warmer weather.


Late summer weed control is crucial to maintaining a pristine and healthy lawn as the growing season progresses. During this period, weeds may have taken advantage of warm temperatures and increased moisture, making targeted intervention essential for a well-manicured outdoor space. Late summer weed control involves identifying and addressing weed growth to prevent them from producing seeds and spreading further.


Fall pre and post-emergent applications are essential for a comprehensive lawn care strategy to ensure a healthy and weed-resistant landscape. As the growing season winds down, the fall provides an opportune time to address emerging and dormant weed issues to prevent them from becoming an issue in the coming months.

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